Marketing Strategy

For many small business owners, marketing is a four letter word, and can even feel like a endless cycle of learning new apps and platforms. However, we cant deny that social media has revolutionized the way small business owners advertise and market to their clients.

Allow me to walk you through the process from finding your target market, evaluating your brand, and creating and multi-media strategy to market your brand.

Packages range from on-time coaching sessions to monthly social media posting calendars with the ability to customize a strategy that fits the brand and goals of your business.

What is a part of a marketing strategy?

  • Content Creation (What to Post)
  • Professional Images
  • Engaging Copy
  • Gaining Followers/Follower Retention
  • Posting Optimization
  • Personal vs. Professional Strategy
  • Platform Integration + App Training

Whether you are a new business and need help creating content and gaining followers or have a well established brand and are in need of a crash course on Facebook and Instagram; we can create a strategy that works for you.

Contact me below, and we can get started!

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